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IPF H9 Bulbs technology :The IPF H9 Halogen technology has been developed especially for race, due to its low watts consumption, only 65W, and its amazing brightness it offers the very best compromise between the classic halogen (H3, H4 …) and the Xenon. It’s also the best way to have a powerful lighting, quality product and save money.

Xenon Technology :
The Xenon technology (otherwise called H.I.D for High Intensity Discharge) is actually the highest technology existing for competition. The Xenon Gas is the rarest gas in the world. The Xenon Bulb works with a very high electricity discharge (20 000-25 000V sent by the Ballast and the igniter) that makes an electrical Xenon arc. A very powerful lighting for only 35w consumption. The colour temperature expressed in Kelvins (K) is located between 4300K and 6850K. Its Brightness is measurable in Candelas.

Candelas (cd) :
One candela unit is approx equal at the brightness of a classic candle.
The 900 Super Rally Xenon Spot is 873 000cd bright in only 200mm place !

Kelvin (K) :
The Kelvin expresses the colour temperature of the lighting. In science terms the brightness of daylight is approx 5500-6000K and contains a lot of blue colour. A classic halogen bulbs emits a colour temperature of 3200K. The IPF Xenon lamp emits a colour temperature of 4300, 6000 or 6850K, up to your choice. After a lot of tests in labs and during races, we recommend 4300K for racing as it is the colour temperature that contains the maximum of white brightness. This 4300K colour
temperature will be also the best to show the relief and characteristics of the road.ur website.

IPF Motorsport Europe

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